About Us

   If you are interested in empowering yourself with the knowledge and tools to achieve a healthful lifestyle- you’ve reached the right place!

   Life Energy Awakenings by Leanne R. Phillips is an center of cultivation of multiple projects pointing to sustainability and healthy living through nature’s TRUE remedies, awareness and making a conscious choice to  ” Live Nature “

Aside from ongoing projects taking place. Leanne teaches classes on Raw Vegan cuisines, Truly pure essential oils, Aromatherapy treatment, Weight, Emotions and other specialty events out of her home and in varying cities.

For dates and locations see the Lifeea event calendar here: CALENDAR

Life Energy Awakenings is also a international trade volunteer host through WWOOF. This give people of all ages the opportunity to come learn about sustainability, gardening, and all around wellness while getting to live in the beautiful Lifeea home.

Leanne also offers opportunities for personal wellness coaching, making herself available to invest her time in guiding you to feel free and empowered through your health and wellness choices. Personal Wellness Information
Leanne also promotes structured water in part of her movement to sustainability and health. Structuring water is a way of mimicking nature’s process of naturally softening and relieving water with negative hydrogen and oxygen. Through ingenuity, physics, and an understanding of hydrogeology- the units have been made available.

If you are interested in learning about structured water or ordering a unit from Leanne contact her @ energytouch10@gmail.com 623-465-5288
One of the vital tools at Life Energy Awakenings is essential oils As mentioned above, Leanne leads classes on how to integrate essential oils into everyday life in diet and for everyday wellbeing. Leanne uses and loves truly pure essential oils in everything from household products to her morning meals!
If you have any further questions, feel free to email Leanne at energytouch10@gmail.com