Leanne R. Phillips – Bio

Leanne R. Phillips


Creator of Life Energy Awakenings, is a organic lifestyle and holistic health Educator.

Leanne is an i​nspired advocate for creating clean, deeply nourishing foods, and extends this into a full organic lifestyle. Over the last six years she has brought the message of “s​implicity and s​tability” in our choices of environment, foods, and lifestyle. This has take the form of empowering health classes and activities. These classes include organic gardening, the wisdom of​ using pure essential oils , raw vegan foods, structured water and hydration, pet remedies, weight and emotional balance techniques. She has also shared her knowledge about organic living environments that include touches of Permaculture and natural building. Leanne is a living example of a person focused on organic living. She actively coaches people who are ready to live an organic and balanced lifestyle while recognizing one size does not fit all. Her sessions are

​always ​personalized to your needs. She has travelled to educate people in the US and Internationally.
Leanne’s home is a center of cultivation, growing consciousness, and has been featured in Phoenix Home and Garden. She practices chi gong, yoga, and currently has her organic living home for sale so that she can focus on a larger property to create an eco village training center. This eco village will focus on natural living, comfort in nature, and creating systems for moving away from the modern and depleting ways people have been encouraged to survive in, This vision allows us as individuals to move into nourishing ourselves, the earth systems and all conscious life. With a focus on thriving, not only physically, but also by engaging our inner wisdom and heart centered strength, Leanne feels we can recreate our future.