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Active lifestyles and the way we use our words, don’t need to effect integrity.
By Leanne R Phillips
Over the years there have been trends in people’s behaviors. One of these is the tendency to say we are going to do a certain things and not follow through.
In this often times more “disconnected world” with some much distracting technology. The behaviors that some years ago like our words being more meaningful, for many have faded and these people have not yet realized that these “regular lies” are ripping at the fabric of what they are as a person.
So ask yourself,
Do you say things that you are not really ready to follow through with ?
Do you say that you are going to do something that you really do not want to do ?
Are you just trying to have nice conversations ?
Some Solutions are rewording.
Like consider phrasing things differently,
I will consider doing that. When you are not for sure about something.
I will get there around that time or call you. If you are not sure you will be timely.
Another thing is to understand that you are meaningful and that the words you use are you. So making you important is part of being in integrity with ourselves.
Most people and I have had to “remind myself” to use words when you are really going to follow through and have been rewording and deleting some phrases. Making our words meaningful is a much happier way to live and learning that you “have the right” to not just say something, is more freeing.
Best to you! Leanne

 Pioneering what nature has to offer us.

                                 Mirroring Nature’s Patterns with our water

                                                          Leanne R Phillips

Pioneering what nature has to offer us.

Mirroring Nature’s Patterns with water.
Science, the systematization of observations and the determination of truth and falsehoods, is based on individual perception and thus can vary from person to person. There are many things that are unexplained that people feel exist that would not fit the perimeters of what can be explained through mainstream science.

The belief that we are a spirit beyond our physical form and mind could be one example. Science can identify that we emit a certain type of energy, but it does not explain our divine and expansive spirit. I feel that this spirit has boundless energy and wisdom and is continually evolving. More common science will still not understand this, when my inner knowing tells me that this is real.
When someone comes in looking at things from a position of insecurity and wanting to be right (and thus wanting the other person to be wrong) they have already chosen to shut off part of their awareness, intuition and wisdom. When it comes to the structuring of water many things are yet to be understood.
The exploration of the structuring of water is being pioneered right now. Mainstream science cannot fully understand this process, which mirrors nature. Water is the ultimate component of nature as well as our physical form. The structuring unit mirrors the natural flow of water in nature’s systems. In nature many things can be reset and forgiven. Likewise, the structuring unit clears, cleanses, and energizes the water in one of the ways that nature would do it. Examples of this process include the movement of water through the hydrologic cycle and water flowing through rivers and streams.

So right here I am going to let you know some of my experiences and why I am passionate about this.
Thriving in the long term is firmly based on the choices we make now. Creating healthy bodies, Growing foods, Being self reliant and creating our own sustainable environments is REAL, NOW and VITAL! How structured water fits in to this I feel is very clear.

It lasts for a lifetime and does many good things. I have listed some experiences here.
My own well water was giving me joint issues and I would not drink it with any regularity, then I installed a unit on my whole house. Within about a month after noticing the new softness, I felt drawn to start drinking the water and I have now been drinking my well water for 6 years now and I am free of this problem. At the time, not being sure why this happen, I was told structuring put minerals into solution, then the body will utilize what it needs and the rest just flushes through. I would highly recommend someone on hard well water consider getting a unit.
Another vivid experience was when taking my structured water out with me in the summer heat it stayed more stable from bad bacteria in a way that was obvious. Before on average every 1-3 days that I went out gardening in the heat my water would go bad in my glass container. Now the water rarely goes bad in the heat, on average every 3-4 months instead of 1-3 days!! After I was told that the available oxygen is changed.
I was drinking RO water and felt deplete and that I was not hydrating well. Structuring changed this and I am much better now!!
I have also heard personally from people who have had these listed experiences and lots more.
** Having their pets want to drink more water with the structured and being in a better mood.
** Plants that have been struggling coming back strong.
** Salt build-up on the surface of the soil dissipating.
** Brix “ plant nutrient density” measurements doubling, tripling or more.
** Plant growth increasing.
** Helping Incontinence

DE portable- How to demonstrate the unit properly,
1 Make sure that the flow of the water is going strong through the unit and repeat this multiple times (from 3-10), When done this way people notice the softness and other changes, although it is not needed all the time.
Structuring units simplify enhancing water, air, health and the ecology of the planet. So all you need to do is use it and if you feel you want to combine it with a charcoal or other filter then do so. Hydration and Health – it’s simple.
We are in a system that by design keeps most people distracted, more fragmented and has too much information.
Some people have talked about structured water in ways that may have seem to go past what people are comfortable with. It happens, just know that structuring is really about nature’s process and of cleansing and forgiveness. I have noticed the results will often have similarities within the energy potential of structuring, but are not ridged.
By making conscious choices to create the brightest future possible, I myself choose to align with nature often. Where the creation of structuring units is a newer thing, I have chosen to be a pioneer here and explore all it has to offer. Water is the ultimate component of nature, the choice to explore and experience is yours.

Life Energy Awakenings

It’s a great time of year to be Gardening and Here are a few awesome tips!

Leanne R Phillips

I have been dealing with Ant bites for many years in the Garden, so here is a great way to repel them and treat any bites.
** Peppermint oil Repels Ants, Mix it with water “about 16oz ” and 2-4 drops of pure peppermint oil. Spray in area of activity and repeat as needed. Often time 2-3 time sand they do not come back. Peppermint oils is also great for aphids and mystery bugs. Some people have found that melaleuca is also helpful.
**Ant and other bites. Use topically One or more Lavender, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Basil. or Peppermint. Dilute the basil or peppermint for sedative skin.
**Slug away – Mix a few drop of white Fir oil in 16oz of water and spray in areas of activity.
** Bettle attack
Put a couple of oil shield in a spray bottle with 16oz of water, then spray the plants.
**Basil with Tomatoes
Basil is a great companion for Tomato plants. It stimulates growth and helps repel bugs.
Put a few drop in your watering can to be absorbed through the root or use as a foliar spray.

LIFE ENERGY AWAKENINGS uses only truly pure essential oils. Contact us for more info. and ordering.

Contact us as we have many year of experience with essential oils.
Raw Vegan Stuffing

1 Med. onion, 4 stalks celery, 1 cup coarsely ground cashews” Soak 2 hours” or Almonds “Soak 12 hours” ‘, ¼ cup coconut oil, 1 tsp Himalayan salt, 3 drops of our pure black pepper oil and Fennel oil, ½ cup mixed fresh herbs like sage, thyme, parsley and/or rosemary, 3 finely shredded carrots.
Put onion and celery in food processor.Transfer to a large bowl mixing in the remaining ingredients. The mixture should be crumbly and moist but not wet. Spread mixture onto a teflex sheet about ½” thick. Dehydrate at 125 for 1 hours then 105 o for another 6-8 hours or until the stuffing reaches the desired consistency. Serve warm or cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

Energy soup

apple, pear, or watermelon base

1 apple (or 1 pear or 1 cup watermelon)

1 lemon (with or without skin)

1 rib celery

1 carrot

¼ bunch parsley

1-4 cups spinach (or any lettuce)

Any sprouts (optional)

2 cups water (or Rejuvalac)

1 avocado

▪ Blend ingredients 1 – 7 in Vitamix until smooth and slightly warm.
▪ Add more water to achieve desired consistency.
▪ Add avocado and blend quickly until incorporated.
▪ Pour into bowl and garnish with diced red bell peppers, sprouted sunflower seeds, dulse, etc.

▪ If you would like to store energy soup then use Rejuvalac instead of water to reduce oxidation. Otherwise, only make what you will eat. Do not store without Rejuvalac.

Basic Nut Milk

1 cup nuts

3 cups water

3-6 Dates

Vanilla or vanilla beans

Blend nuts with 2 cups water till smooth, then add additional water.

Strain in strainer or nut milk bag. Refrigerate and use within 2 days.

 Raw Hemp Seed Milk

Simple to make and Contains Omega 3 and 6!

blend in a blender until smooth

1/2 cup ice

2 cups of water

1/4 cup hemp seeds with a raw hemp seeds

pinch of sea salt

1 tsp palm sugar (optional)

dash Cinnamon (optional)

Can add more hemp seed for a richer taste.

Store in your refrigerator-use within 4 days.

Health tip

Orac Ratings- “Antioxidant value”
Anti-Aging, Vitality giving.

Just look at this value- 3 drops of pure clove essential oil scores higher than, over 48 oz of blueberries

Clove 3 drops Orac **Value 14,700

Myrrh 9 drop Orac **Value 5,202
Coriander 9 drops Orac **Value 4,086

Fennel 9 drops Orac **Value 3,266
Clary sage 9 drops Orac **Value 3,027
Marjoram 9 drops Orac ** Value 1,793