Empower with Essential Oils

 What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the aromatic liquids that are distilled from [every part] of plants. The world oldest and truest form of taking care of the body.

Be Healthier — Save Money —Live wiser

Why we love about Pure  Essential oils

  • They are 100% whole & natural.  An wonderful way to take care of our health, used since ancient times.
  • They are 50-70% more potent then herbal powders.
  •  Pure Therapeutic Grade” goes far beyond organic standards, and this is why some many can be ingested!

Life Energy Awakenings

Essential Oils Classes

 Health in all seasonsEssential Oils Class:

Leanne R Phillips will educate you how throughout history have empowered themselves with these natural wonders. With today’s technology we have been able to take the power of the oils and use all resources to empower our health. 
This Class is complementary. Pre-registration is required. Check Calendar

Raw Vegan Cuisine & Natural Remedies Class :

Learn from Leanne R. Phillips- ” The Intuitive Living foods Chef” Inspires and engages others in this class to bring wellness to the kitchen and every aspect of life. Two hour class is filled with valuable information to help you to be successful in trying whole, health-enhancing, vitality-giving Raw Vegan Foods. In our Natural solutions portion you will learn about and experience, health enhancing truly pure essential oils and more. We will making beginner Raw Vegan foods dishes during class, so come ready to eat raw and enjoy great essential oils flavors! Check our calendar. person Pre-registration is required. See Calendar

Slimming Process Class:

This is your invitation to join Wellness Educator and Living Foods Chef -Leanne R. Phillips. Learn why and how you can eat more of many nourishing foods and start the process of reducing weight at the same time. This specific process works with reprograming and engaging the body to shift your system into a higher energy, fat burning and more in vital mode. This process often times calms emotional patterns. We will also discuss, foundational nutrition and stress reduction. This Class is $10.00. Pre- registration is required. special half price $5.00. See Calendar. Contact us if you are interested in this class, as it may not be on the calendar and we are scheduling often.

Your New Look, Facial Transformation Class:

Love & Rejuvenate your skin, with Pure essential oils and a touch of Science. This is a chance to explore how specific Essential oils will help you to repair damaged skin layers & help rejuvenate daily many of your body systems. Special tips for deep hydration & how to gain the most for your efforts. Experience our stress reduction technique for a Positive skin reflection. During class you will have a special facial for your new look and feel. Bringing you together with Nature and a touch science for “Your new look & improved well being.” This 1.5 hour class is regularly $18.00 for one or 2 for $30.00      Contact us if you are interested in this class, as it may not be on the calendar and we are scheduling often.


Living Foods Desert- “Lightly Sweet”:

Raw Desserts can be so wonderful! And not so sweet with deep flavors makes lots more sense. Leanne has designed several recipes that are lower carbohydrate, nourishing for the body, help with digestibility and are classing too! Why? Many Raw deserts are often times unbalancing for your health. Join us -Learn and taste these desserts, gain viable health info and learn why and how to add many special and truly pure essential oils to your desserts.
This Class 2 hour class is $49.00 regularly and check with us for half price offers.

Pre-registration is required.


Contact us if you are interested in this class, as it may not be on the calendar and we are scheduling often.


Pet Wellness with Essential Oils:

Your Pets- Cats, dogs, and other animals.
Learn about natures care for your pet, save on vet bills and help the mood and overall wellness of your pets.
This class is complementary. Pre-registration is required. See CALENDAR

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