Facial Transformation Class- Reflexology

Your New look 

Facial Transformation class

With Wellness Educator & Healing Intuitive– Leanne R. Phillips

Love & Rejuvenate your skin with Pure Essential oils, Energy, & Science

**Explore how specific and very pure Essential oils will help you to repair damaged skin layers & help rejuvenate daily many of your body systems.

 ** Special tips for deep hydration & how to gain the most for your efforts.

** Experience our stress reduction technique, “for a Positive skin reflection”

** During class you will have a special facial “For your new brighter look and feel”

Bringing you together with Nature and some science for “Your new look & improved well being” This 1.5 hour class is regularly is $18.00 or 2 for $30.00  

We are currently scheduling this class by personal request, so Contact us with your requested dates and we will get back to you.

 Leanne 623-465-5288 energytouch10@gmail.com lifeea.com

 Cave Creek Location –  39868 N. 26th street Cave Creek, AZ 85331   “More locations on calendar”

Relieve Stress & Regain Health

with Reflexology

Therapeutic foot Massage

This effective therapy can  be used on the hands and the ears also.

Reflexology works with the reflex points on the feet. It great for tired sore feet. But it is much more. In it fullness, it is an awakening of the entire nervous system! This is very beneficial to the entire body, all the organs and systems of the body can be helped to  improve their function and bring vitality of the body as a whole.

This proven & ancient form of healing has lots to offer…

Helps with:

Stress relief

Chronic illnesses

Fatigue &  much more.

Sessions are in your home or mine. These healing  session are

$65.00 hour 

Contact Leanne Phillips 623-465-5288 or energytouch10@gmail.com

Advanced Energy Healing

Leanne Phillips combines her intuitive and natural abilities with specific advanced Energy Healing techniques to bring more wellness to your life.

Whether you are looking to create new behavior patterns or you wish to shift physical ailments and emotional challenges, this form of  healing expands your realm of possibilities and brings in a deep intention to create wellness.

Contact Leanne @ 623-465-5288 energytouch10@gmail.com