Garden Design

Does your schedule have you running around with no time left for you?

Do you find yourself feeling distracted, unbalanced, disconnected and uninspired?

Stress relief and a renewal of Spirit can be right outside your door. Where you can Relax & Recharge.

Your Garden can be a place of creation where you can inspire your Spirit & clear your focus to manifest your desires.

Your Garden can be a place of healing and nourishment where you can grow your own food.

What would you like Your Garden to be?

Using a wide array of talents and mix of Elements… Leanne’s eclectic style shines with freshness and an inviting warmth! Leanne’s Gardens were featured in the December 2009 issue of the popular magazine Phoenix Home & Garden.

Organic Gardens can take many forms…

  • Add a feeling of Sacredness to a foods Gardens
  • Add Meditation and play areas and make a Fairy garden…
  • Create Prosperity gardens that are really self sustaining.

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to have your very own balancing oasis, created just for you and filled with things that bring joy to your heart.  Nature can give this to you…

Your personal Consultation is just a call away.

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