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 Personal Growth Retreats at
Life Energy Awakenings

Please note- we are currently making changes, so retreats may not be available. Contact us for updates.

The Personal Growth Retreat at Life Energy Awakenings encompasses a week or more of freedom from the everyday grind. This retreat is unlike any other, because you will be temporarily adopted into a community of people living and expanding happiness and healthiness through an empowering and sustainable lifestyle.

On site there is endless hiking, mountain views, bird watching, relaxation and meditation spots, and a Labyrinth. There will be the opportunity to learn about and participate in sustainability practices, such as organic gardening and Cob building. You will have access to a communal kitchen stocked with nourishing vegan foods. The quiet secluded property will restore your ability to see what is worth doing and feeling in life. Property owner and wellness advocate Leanne R. Phillips will lead you through a week of awakenings and rest.

You will be given room and board for the duration of the stay, along with daily health education and personal guidance counseling from Leanne.

Private Coaching and Relaxation sessions– Total 2 hours every day includes:
* Aroma Technique and Reflexology Sessions
* Personally-Tailored Healing and Growth Sessions
* Raw Vegan “Living” Foods Preparation Instruction
* Intuitive guidance for how to continue on a future path that inspires your health and wellness

In addition to your private consultations, you can freely participate in any scheduled group classes on site.

Explanation of Private Sessions:

  1. Aroma and Reflexology: Healing application of eight essential oils gently layered over the spine and feet to reduce stress, toxic load, inflammation, and restore nervous system balance. This technique helps bring the body into homeostasis, which is complete balance. It can be done on the spine and feet or simply on the feet as a reflexology treatment.
  2. Personally-Tailored Healing and Growth Sessions: Leanne will guide you to develop a wellness program based on her knowledge of how foods interact in the body, Ayurveda, essential oils remedies, and an understanding of how proper flora in the digestion affects mood and clarity of mind, body, and spirit. She will help you attune to your own intuition and personal strength to listen to your body’s needs. She will work with you to develop a daily living program, including diet, supplements, exercise, and restoration practices.
  3. Raw Vegan Living Foods Preparation: Have fun in the kitchen prepping delicious meals with fresh mostly organic vegan ingredients. Learn to prepare simple recipes with some innovative twists. We will work with a Vitamix blender, Excaliber dehydrator, and spiralizer to craft some creative dishes. We will learn how to grow edible seed sprouts and how to do live culture fermentation. Learn how to incorporate unique, healthful, and tasty ingredients into your daily diet.

About Leanne: Leanne has been on a path of life energy awakenings throughout her lifetime, being open and continually learning about health and sustainability through raw foods, essential oils, organic gardening and permaculture. Life Energy Awakenings is an environment that reflects her current focus on health, nature, and sustainability. In addition to retreats, private consultations, and communal classes, Leanne selectively opens her home to individuals through the WWOOFing network. Her continual focus is to expand and enhance Life Energy Awakenings, building a center of cultivation in harmony with nature, increasing sustainability, self-sufficiency, and personal empowerment.

Accommodations: You will be provided with a spacious private bedroom, with the option of a king or queen-sized bed, located in the main house. Linens and towels are provided and laundry machines are available (to conserve resources, we try to wash by hand when possible and utilize the sun to dry our clothes). All bathing and drinking water is structured. As a community guest, Leanne will teach you the benefits of structured water systems. You will have access to the fully-stocked kitchen, equipped with the highest-level appliances, such as a Vitamix blender and an Excaliber dehydrator. Our pantry is abundant with fresh mostly organic (local when available) vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, grains, beans, and eggs from our very own chickens! With the help of Leanne’s raw vegan classes and a plethora of cookbooks, you can kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. You are welcome to join our communal meals (current residents include Leanne and three interns). We try to eat a majority of raw vegan foods, but supplement with cooked vegan/vegetarian foods (and occasionally some fish). Cell phone service can be spotty. A home telephone is available for use if needed. Internet service is also available. For those who are electromagnetic-sensitive, the house is free of smart meters. There are no indoor pets. Guests with pets will sometimes be allowed on an individual basis. As a guest, please refrain from using chemical-based heavy-scented colognes, perfumes, and other personal care products. We will supply natural-based products.

Climate: The property is surrounded by the beauty of the Sonoran desert. Surrounding mountains are ideal for short hikes to get a spectacular view of the Arizona landscape. Hear the owls and coyotes at night as you gaze up at the breathtaking constellations. Be aware and present when traversing the property to ensure that you do not disturb native flora and fauna. Soak up the sun during the day. The arid environment has low humidity. Bring a hat and long-sleeves for sun protection. Bring light layers to stay warm at night as the sun sets. During the winter months, cozy up to our wood-fired stove.

Sustainability: We try to minimize our impact on the planet by eating locally-sourced (when available) plant-based mostly organic non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods. We compost all of our food scraps, feeding them to the chickens or using them as fertilizer for the garden. We recycle our waste and strive to repurpose items so as to minimize what goes to the landfill. We are mindful of our water usage, using captured rainwater for the garden and other miscellaneous usages. We have an outdoor shower and a composting toilet, in addition to a regular bathroom inside the main house. We are currently working on a cob structure, which utilizes straw, sand, and clay for the walls and roof with wood reinforcements. Cob provides excellent insulation, keeping buildings cool during the day and retaining warmth at night, minimizing energy needs for heating or cooling.

Cost and Savings Options: Leanne’s private sessions are $85 per hour. At 2 sessions per day, this adds up to $170.00 You are invited into our center as a guest; thus, room and board are provided at no additional cost. Life Energy Awakenings is partially funded through the sales of essential oils, supplements. Multiple person discounts available. Other customized payment plans and savings options are negotiable.

Location and Directions: The property is located just north of Phoenix, off of Carefree Highway. Turn on 24th Street which will turn into 26th street. Leanne’s property is on the left at 39868 26th Street, Cave Creek, AZ.

 Contact Leanne R. Phillips
@ 623-465-5288