Raw Vegan Cuisine

Raw Vegan Cuisines Classes

with Raw Vegan Chef Leanne

Introduction to Raw Vegan Cuisines and natural Care Class.

Learn how to be Empowered with your health Care & Life.

Raw Vegan Cuisines locations

In Phoenix- Check calendar

In Cave Creek- 39868 N. 26th Street Cave Creek, AZ 85331 

Check Calender for current classes.


Learn from Leanne R. Phillips

The  Intuitive Living foods Chef, Committed to Helping other to greater level of discernment, wellness and fulfillment.  

 This two hour class is filled with valuable information to help you to be successful in adding whole, health-enhancing, vitality-giving Raw Vegan Foods to your daily diet. We will make beginner and intermediate recipes and there will be lots of great food to sample. In our Empowering natural care part of class, you will learn how to understand, discern, and use, some of the most potent and natural solutions available today.

Regularly $49.00 per. person. “Summer two for one special” Pre-registration is required.

Contact Leanne 623-465-5288 or energytouch10@gmail.com

Pre-registration is required 623-465-5288 energytouch10@gmail.com


Living foods Desserts   “Lightly sweet”

With Inspired Living foods Chef & Health Educator
Leanne R Phillips

Raw Desserts can be so wonderful! And making these not so sweet with deep flavors makes lots more sense. Leanne has designed several recipes that are lower carbohydrate, nourishing for the body, help with digestibility and are classing too!
Why? Many Raw deserts are often times unbalancing for your health.
Join us -Learn and taste these desserts, gain viable health info and learn Why and how to add many special and truly pure essential oils to your desserts.
This Class 2 hour class is $49.00 Pre-registration is required. Contact Leanne @ 623-465-5288

Why raw

Vegan?   Living foods bring natural life force and vitality to us. With these and may other advantages of eating a raw vegan foods why not go ahead and explore, so experience it and see for yourself. “Living foods just makes sense”

57 health benefits of going raw vegan:  http://www.nursingdegree.net/blog/19/57-health-benefits-of-going-vegan/
Making the Connection (video about Food, fitness, nutrition, global food security, farming, the environment, animals, ethics)

Leanne Phillips

P. O. Box 4750

Cave Creek, AZ 85327


 Directions- The Address is 39868 N. 26th Street Cave Creek 85331.  A private resedance. Questions call Leanne  @ 623-465-5288 Directions are- Take Carefree hwy to 24th street (there is a light @ 24th) and go north on 24thfor 3. 2 miles(24th street turns into 26th without stopping or taking a turn) when you see the 35 MPH sign and Dips sign on the right you are almost there. You will go into a slight dip in the Road and the gravel drive will be on your left before you go out of the dip, with a sign 39848/39868 on a piece of flagstone & a painted carrot & other veggies on a piece of flagstone and a Diamond shaped sign. Turn left onto the gravel driveway  Go west, the road will fork, just stay along the fence line and go about 900 feet  to the west, passing the red brick house and go to the second house, that is gray with the light green roof. (there is more parking to the west of the house then the east) You are there! P. S. there is a labyrinth here, so feel free to come early if you would like to walk the labyrinth

Raw Vegan Breakfast!

Say yes to a wider variety of of options for a Raw Vegan Breakfast! We will make two special pancake recipes, granola, quick cereals, and balanced smoothies.

Cost: $45.00 per person. Come with a friend and receive a $5.00 savings
Date:To be announced
Location: Life Energy Awakenings at 39868 N. 26th Street, Cave Creek, Az 85327

Sprouting into Wellness Basics Class

see calendar

39868 N. 26th Street Cave Creek, AZ 85331

$20.00 Per-person

  Receive seeds, soil and some sprouts to take home! Learn about sprouting, shoots, wheat grass & more.. This class is dedicated to sprouting and creating abundantly healthy raw vegan cuisines on a budget. We will have sprouting demonstrations.

Cost: $20.00 per person. Come with a friend and receive a $5.00 savings
Location: Life Energy Awakenings at 39868 N. 26th Street, Cave Creek, AZ 85327

 Raw Products

Pea shoots


Peas Please!

Super Shoots

26% Protein Plus a Rich source of Vitamin A, B, C & Calcium, Iron, Amino Acids, Loaded with Enzymes

Great for Salads & Cooking!!


Marvelous Buckwheat

Buckwheat Shoots!

Contains Co-enzyme Q10, Linolenic acid, Bioflavonoids with rutin. 15% protein with 8 amino acids, amino acid score 99.

Vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, B15, B17, C, K, P, Choline, Inositol, Folic acid PABA. Loads of Minerals. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, demulcent. $4.50


Sunflower Power!

Bring in the Sunshine, These Sunflower Shoots can have Beneficial effects on your state of mind and help with depression.

They contain linoleic acid, minerals, Magnesiun, Potassium,  Zinc, Calcium & Vitamin E.


Organic Wheatgrass flats and Shoots

Our Organic Wheatgrass flats & Sprouts are grown with tender loving care & the vitality of structured water & are available for delivery in parts of the phoenix metropolitan area & at many local Farmers Markets