Private Health Coaching

Private Health Coaching & Home Consultations

Do you feel a need to move in a more clear, at ease

                                                and swift fashion?

Health Coach and Intuitive healer Leanne R. Phillips has assisted many people to become more free & empowered. Leanne insights help others to more to a place of greater awareness and harmony.

These empowerment meetings,  are one with one and over the phone or at her home or yours.

Contact Leanne for available times- 623-465-5288

1 hour meetings @ Leanne’s Home, or on the phone are $85.00 for one hour and $45.00 for 1/2 hours.

Live Nature eco Home Consultations

Creating Space for Harmony

Would you like to have your space become a place of nourishment and Harmony for yourself, Family and Pets?

Leanne has a unique and creative way of helping others to express and experience themselves and to harmonize more with nature.
The consultations are designed  to bring you into more of a live nature mode and clarity.

What is reviewed

How to bring you and your space more in line with nature, from your food to all aspects of your home and yard.

Personal in home Consultations

With live nature eco consultant.

Leanne R. Phillips

Live Nature consultations are $85.00 for the first hour, then $65.00 after for most valley locations. Contact Leanne R. Phillips @ 623-465-5288