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Cells have a limited lifespan for performing their many unique and specialized functions in an organism. A normal and natural mechanism for maintaining optimal cell function is a process of cellular renewal called apoptosis in which older cells are eliminated through a process of self-regulated destruction, and new cells are made to replace old cells. Through this process, humans replace the approximate equivalent of their body weight in new cells every year! If cellular apoptosis and regeneration are compromised, sub-optimal health conditions may follow. Staying young and enjoying a long life of vitality begins with healthy cellular function.

To Insure proper hydration review the structured water page.


Direction for  Cave Creek Classes- The Address is 39868 N. 26th Street Cave Creek 85331.  

Leanne Phillips

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Did you know?

Reason why not to use ‘dimmer’ switches.

When you dim a light, the electricity gets restricted and creates excessive EMf’s (Electro magnetic frequencies) similar to compact florescent bulbs. These are NOT healthy to be near.

Compact florescent bulbs put out a huge amount of EMF’s.

Did you know?

That spending 20 minutes or more per day, getting sun on your skin, on as much of your body as possible, can help reduce depression and boost your immune system? Let the sun shine in!

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When Natural Foods Aren’t Natural: Agave Nectar

The sugars in agave -This is and excerpt. Please read the whole article –link below

The manufacturing process changes dramatically and concentrates them, and it is precisely that process that renders the original substance (aguamiel which had a place as a sweetener of beverages in traditional societies) into something far from wholesome. Once the process of turning aguamiel into agave nectar is complete, the end result contains as much as 90% fructose.   Keep in mind that high fructose corn syrup with all its documented ill effects attributable to its fructose content is only 55% fructose.

Raw Vegan chef course attendees

Chef course: Erica,

I really enjoyed my weekend! I really learned so much! It was wonderful to be in such good company too. Wonderful women!  I don’t know what I would change, no complaints. Just made me hungry for more!

Chef course:  Kathy S,

It was such a great learning experience-thank you for sharing all your wonderful knowledge on preparing raw food. It felt like home away form home and so comfortable. Thank you for including Kim with all her knowledge of natural medicine etc.  Please let me know when you will be starting your fall class-hopefully anytime after August. I do enjoy getting your updated newsletters.

Chef course: Mary Ann,

A wonderful relaxing weekend-I forgot about everything else and got rejuvenated about raw foods.  Especially excited about the new recipes-can’t wait to try them out. Would like to learn more about medicinal plants and herbs and gardening and other classes you do. It’s great to be around people who appreciate the natural things in life and want to take care of the planet.

Chef course: Lisa C,

Thank you for the incredible weekend.  This class, more than exceeded my expectations.  Leanne, you have such as open, warm approach-and you were able to get the class to focus and go through an incredible array of appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts, yet allow for flexibility.  Your relaxed nature helped me to reboot and rebalance since I am typically more type A at times with my learning process.  I liked being able to have the finished recipe already prepared when dehydrating was used and also make the same recipe.  The hands on was crucial for my learning process and being able to actually eat all of the creations.  Kim added another wonderful addition to the program-incorporating medicine and holistic information. You two work so well together as a team and provided a wealth of information. You definitely provided beginner, advanced and intermediate recipes. You inspired me to continue to learn and practice raw food.

Structured water unit, used to structure wine,

In regards to the structured water unit you demonstrated last month:  The taste test we did with the red wine was quite interesting.  I don’t recall how many times you past the wine through the portable unit, seems like maybe twenty or so, in any case, the “structured” wine did seem to be a bit smoother but what I noticed more was the” lack of nasal stuffiness and the headache later”  I don’t usually drink red wine for this reason but was surprised at the result.  Feel free to use this recommendation as you like.

L. T.  Sparrow

Energy Healing

I hired Leanne initially to work with my animals.  I have a kennel of Siberian Husky sled dogs who (since moving to Arizona) had developed valley fever as well as a variety of tumors.  Almost immediately we saw a shift in their health and also learned about the energetic issues which were manifesting as illness. The dogs are doing very well and the energy in our kennel has shifted to a more peaceful happier environment as a result.
As for myself, I was also very sick with a life threatening systemic fungal infection and finding little help from doctors.  The first day Leanne worked on me changed my life.  Her energy touch work is pure in its intention and deliberate in its effect. Her guiding words also allowed me to participate by focusing me away from fear towards the innate God given health that naturally resides in the body…something I had forgotten in an era of pills.  She is truly gifted in her energy touch work, and I am blessed to have met her when I did.  I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking physical, emotional and/or spiritual healing.

Sheri R, Desert hills, AZ

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