Live Nature for Life & Health

Life Energy Awakenings (LEA) by Leanne R. Phillips is a center of cultivation for truly natural living. LEA is located on a soothing desert sanctuary. Leanne teaches knowledge and intuition-based classes and provides personal wellness coaching on Raw Vegan Cuisine, Truly Pure Essential Oils, Hydration, Aromatherapy Treatment, Weight Balance, and Personal Empowerment.

Structured Water  

Spring-like water coming out of every faucet in your home!
Living Water as Nature Intended 

In nature, water is structured  through flowing down streams and rivers. The turns and counter turns spin the water over many miles and gradually change the molecular structure within the H2O. Authorized distributer for Natural Action Technologies

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Learn how to start the healing process in a pure and natural way.
Be part of a growing group of people that are rediscovering health care and creating harmony on this planet.

Truly pure Therapeutic essential oils are the purest grade possible. These oils are absorbed through the skin and begin helping within minutes.

Personal Growth Retreat at Life Energy Awakenings, located in the Sonoran desert landscape of Cave Creek, Arizona, forty minutes outside of central Phoenix. Experience the healing power of the desert while learning about sustainable lifestyle practices and improving your health. At this time we are looking to expand and will updated when retreats become available.

Organic Gardening
Grow your own organic great-tasting food!
Save money, beautify your property, and feel better! 

Learn how to create a food forest on your property through hands-on workshops and private consultation by a veteran  Arizona gardener.
Raw Cuisine & Courses

Learn how to improve your health through eating raw foods!
Impress your family and friends while infusing a higher level of vitality into their lives.
Raw Vegan Chef, Leanne Phillips, teaches you how to prepare delicious meals, sprout and ferment foods. Her classes &  courses are more than ‘uncooking classes’; Leanne shares a wealth of information regarding health and healing. Pass on the wisdom and be part of the movement of empowered people to become a loving & caring educator too!

Additionally, participate in:

 Home & Wellness Consultations

Cob/Earthen Building


Farmer’s Market

Drum Circles


Leanne in the garden!
Learn more about Leanne here.

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